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Commercial Real Estate Financing 2015

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From the program: Commercial Real Estate Financing 2015

Released on: May. 5, 2015

This seminar will revisit the building blocks of commercial real estate financing. It will focus on the steps counsel needs to take to get a deal closed – what lender’s counsel needs to do to deliver a valid mortgage lien without surprises, and what borrower’s counsel needs to do to get the borrower the money it needs. We will look at how lenders review leases; how surveys work and interact with title insurance; and the title insurance ...

Making Sense of Mobilehomes – Homeowner and Tenants’ Rights

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From the program: Making Sense of Mobilehomes – Homeowner and Tenants’ Rights (Free)

Released on: May. 5, 2015

Approximately 6% of all occupied housing in the United States consists of manufactured homes (generally referred to as mobilehomes).  This almost uniquely American version of housing has been and continues to be a more affordable option for many people, but it is an option fraught with dangers that most homeowners do not understand or consider before making that choice.  It is also an option regulated by an array of regulations, intended ...

Manufactured Housing (Mobilehomes) – Regulatory Framework

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Recorded on: May. 4, 2015

MAEVE ELISE BROWN: So without further ado, let me go ahead and turn the mic over to Ron Javor. RON JAVOR: Thank you. Good morning, everybody. I think I'd like to start by just asking you all to imagine you're dropped into another planet somewhere, or a country where the lettering is not English kind of lettering, and the words don't sound anything like English, and everything looks real different. Because that's what mobile home park law is all about. ...

Renter Concerns – Fair Housing Problems and Mobilehome Parks

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Recorded on: May. 4, 2015

ILENE JACOBS: Thank you, Maeve Elise. I will try to cover both renter of space issues and renter of home issues, which, for purposes of mobile home parks and those of you who practice law representing mobile home owners or mobile home park owners or renters, are very key distinctions, as Ron has alluded to, especially under the Mobile Home Residency Law. My job here today is to talk about some of the common issues that we see in mobile home parks. ...

Warranty, Repossession and Financing Problems – Homeowner Rights

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Recorded on: May. 4, 2015

MAEVE ELISE BROWN: Now they both say 11:30. Hi. This is Maeve Elise Brown. We're back for our third hour. And in this third hour, building on our first two great hours, we have Eugene "Gene" Haydu, who will be talking to us about warranties and actually litigating defects in parks and defects with the homes themselves. Without further ado, Gene. EUGENE HAYDU: Thank you. Well, I wanted to talk about the perspective of a private practitioner ...

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Jae  Kim

Jae Kim ~ Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Rambus Inc.

Lori A. Richards

Lori A. Richards ~ Chief Compliance Officer, Asset Management Unit, JP Morgan & Co

Edwin E. Smith

Edwin E. Smith ~ Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP