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35 USC 103 and CAFC

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Recorded on: Jul. 23, 2013

JOHN WHITE: Now I get to introduce Rebecca and the next topic. But I told you, Ben brings passion to 102(g), and for that reason alone it's a shame that it's gone. Because it's such a fun topic. Our next topic is 103, as seen through the lens of district court, and importantly, CAFC decisions. And the reason we look at 103 from all angles, and indeed all of prior art from all angles, is it matters. The patent office takes one view and the CAFC helps ...

Advanced Trademark Prosecution

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Recorded on: Apr. 18, 2013

KIERAN DOYLE: We're into the home stretch. For the next hour, what we'll be hearing about is trademark prosecution. And I guess there's three perspectives, at least three perspectives on trademark prosecution. There's the brand-owners' perspective. There's the practitioners' perspective, and there's the perspective of the examining attorney, the PTO perspective. And our next two speakers will be able to shed light from all three perspectives. Tricia ...

Alternative and Emerging Models in Patent Monetization

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Recorded on: Apr. 17, 2013

JOSE A. ESTEVES: OK. We're going to go ahead and get started with the afternoon portion of the program. [SIDE CONVERSATION] JOSE A. ESTEVES: Yes. [SIDE CONVERSATION] JOSE A. ESTEVES: All right. So we've got the first of three panels of the afternoon program. And in this panel we're going to have presentations exploring new and emerging models related to patent monetization. And we have four speakers lined up for you. Our first is Cheryl Malone. ...

Analysis of the Patent Landscape: Asserting Your Rights and the New Face of Patent Litigation; District Courts, ITC, IPR, and PGR

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Recorded on: Jul. 2, 2013

MARTA GROSS: All right, welcome back, everyone. And so now we're going to move into the next module of the three modules that we're doing today. As I mentioned to you this morning when I was giving the overview, this is the module where what we're planning on doing is I'm going to give probably a 15 or 20 minute background on what I call patent landscape. Which is going to go into some scenarios where you might have your patent attorney do some analysis ...

Anatomy and Timeline for a District Court Patent Infringement Case

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Recorded on: Jun. 6, 2013

IAN N. FEINBERG: Welcome back. We have a slight change in plans, and the change in plans occurred about 90 seconds ago. So we're going to do the anatomy and timeline for a district court patent infringement case. Hopefully, our speaker for Markman will come later. These programs are interchangeable in terms of which comes first. In many ways, maybe this one should have gone first. But that's what we're going to do. So as much as Josh talked to you, ...

Anatomy of a Master Services Agreement

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Recorded on: Nov. 5, 2013

BILL TANENBAUM: It's now my pleasure to introduce very quickly John, because he was already introduced and there's no need to introduce him further except to say that he has tremendous experience and a tremendous reputation in the field of outsourcing. And I'm now happy to turn it over to him to discuss the anatomy of an MSA. JOHN F. DELANEY: Thank you, Bill. Hello, everyone. I have a lot of material to cover so I'm going to move pretty quickly through ...

Angel and Venture Financing for New Developers/Publishers and Exits

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Recorded on: Oct. 24, 2013

SPEAKER 1: Jeff's helping-- DAN OFFNER: OK, thanks. Hi, all. Dan Offner. We're back with Greg Roussel. GREG ROUSSEL: Hi, everyone. DAN OFFNER: Jeff is finishing up a deal in the hallway, which is fitting for this panel. We're going to cover angel and venture financing for new developers, publishers, and exits. And we have a two-hour session, with the first hour kind of going through the initial financing phase, and then touching on second-round ...

Anticipating Regulatory Risks

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Recorded on: Oct. 4, 2013

SABINE CHALMERS: Please take the seats in the room. And we're going to get going with the next session, which is all about anticipating regulatory risks. And the moderator of this panel, who I'm going to hand over to, is Randy Milch, the Executive Vice President, Public Policy and General Counsel at Verizon. And he leads the company's public policy, legal regulatory, government affairs, and security groups, so a very broad mandate. And from 2006 ...

Antitrust Issues in Licensing

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Recorded on: Dec. 11, 2013

JOSEPH YANG: So we have a slight change in logistics for our next speaker. Our next speaker is Jose Esteves, who's a partner in the Skadden, Arps New York office. Jose also had some travel hiccups. He was on a flight yesterday leaving New York to come to the west coast, somehow ended up in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, and is still there. So Jose will actually be joining us by video conference. You can see him on the screen there. As I said, Jose's ...

An Update: Get Ahead of the Curve in Handling Emerging Marketing Techniques

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Recorded on: Sep. 19, 2013

SPEAKER 1: All right, welcome back everybody. Hope you had a wonderful lunch. Now you may normally have to worry about going into a carbo coma and drowsing after lunch. But I guarantee today that's not going to be a problem, because we have a living dynamo as our next speaker. Lisa Thomas is a partner at Winston & Strawn's Chicago office, where she's been specializing for more than 15 years in privacy and advertising issues. You've got her full ...

Appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

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Recorded on: Apr. 3, 2013

ROBERT GREENE STERNE: Well, welcome again, and now we're going to be addressing the very important subject of appeals from the Board to the Federal Circuit, something that I think a lot of us are woefully deficient in our appreciation of the task at hand, and we need to get up to speed on this very important piece of the puzzle. So as we start this panel discussion, first of all, let me introduce John Dragseth, who is our other faculty member, in ...

Arbitration and Mediation of Copyright Disputes

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Recorded on: Apr. 24, 2013

SPEAKER 1: The last leg-- Alida Camp. ALIDA CAMP: It's probably the end of a long day, but this is a bit different. What I'm here to do is try to encourage you to use mediation and arbitration as alternatives to litigation in not only copyright, but really any disputes. But it makes a lot of sense in copyright. Is it always appropriate? No. But do I think it's something that you ought to discuss with your clients with the parties to the case with ...

Art Law and Copyright

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Recorded on: Apr. 24, 2013

RICHARD DANNAY: OK. Welcome back. I hope everyone had a good lunch. We have a great panel for this afternoon. Unfortunately, the moderator's voice is barely in play, but I'm going to introduce all three of our speakers as I did in the morning. And then Simon will begin. To my right and our first speaker in the afternoon is Simon Frankel, who is a litigation partner in the San Francisco office of Covington & Burling and chair of his firm's intellectual ...

Art of the Deal 2.0 - Web 2.0 Issues in Technology Acquisitions 2013 (Audio-only)

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Recorded on: Feb. 6, 2013

AMY TAUB: Hello. My name is Amy Taub and I'm a program attorney with PLI. I would like to welcome you to today's briefing, "Art of the Deal, Web 2.0 Issues in Technology Acquisitions." Before I begin, I have some administrative announcements. This briefing will be one hour in length. Please feel free to send questions at any time during the briefing. Please remember that you have access to materials for this briefing via the course handbook ...

A View from the Trenches: Hot Issues, Creative Solutions

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Recorded on: Feb. 8, 2013

JOHN DELANEY: OK, we're back. A couple of housekeeping matters. As I mentioned at the beginning, we look forward to your feedback. Let us know what you like. Let us know about other topics that we can cover next year. We hope to have you back next year. So if you have thoughts about other issues you're seeing in your own practice that we haven't been able to touch upon in a day long conference, we'd love to hear about it. So please fill out the evaluation ...

Bankruptcy Issues in Licensing

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Recorded on: Dec. 11, 2013

SPEAKER: OK. Welcome back. It's my pleasure to introduce Lillian Stenfeldt. She is our speaker on IP issues in bankruptcy. Lillian is a partner and chair of the Bankruptcy Department at Sedgwick LLP. Here in San Francisco? LILLIAN STENFELDT: Yes. SPEAKER: She's worked on intellectual property bankruptcy issues for more than 25 years, representing international technology and other clients on various aspects of licensing and bankruptcy law. Among ...

Basic Principles of Copyright Law & Copyright Office Practice

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Recorded on: Jul. 10, 2013

KATHERINE C. SPELMAN: We begin with what I think is the two best presenters on the topic of basic principles of copyright law. They have worked very hard to present for you a way by which you can be meaningfully introduced to the substantive topic, so that when you finish this time with them together, you will have a much greater depth of understanding. Even if you are a copyright expert, they will run you over the cavalettis, making you think again ...

Before the Trial - The Pleadings, Motions and Other Factors that Determine What Gets to Trial in a Patent Case

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Recorded on: Nov. 13, 2013

CHRISTOPHER K. HU: Welcome back. Our last session today is before the trial, the pleadings, motions, and other factors that determine what gets to trial in a patent case. And our speaker Connie Huttner from Vinson & Elkins. Connie? CONSTANCE S. HUTTNER: Hello everybody, the good news is I'm the last speaker of the day. And then you'll be able to go home. And also the Veterans Day parade is over. So you'll actually be able to walk down the street. ...

Best Practices at Home and Abroad Panel

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Recorded on: Feb. 14, 2013

SPEAKER 1: Welcome back everyone from the break. This is our final session of the day. Last but certainly not least, we've saved some of the best for the last. I'll be very brief, and we'll just get rolling. But I'm going to introduce Sharon Sandeen, professor Sandeen again. She was with us very early this morning and gave us the trade secret crash course. And she's going to talk with a wonderful panel about best practices at home and abroad regarding ...

Best Practices for License Enforcement and Avoiding Litigation

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Recorded on: Dec. 16, 2013

LARRY: Let me introduce two people that I am really pleased to have speak with us today. Because both of them have had a lot of influence on some very important Open Source projects. Amanda Brock is from England, a lawyer in England. So she is going to give us a European perspective but also an Open Source perspective, based on her experience primarily with Canonical, which does the Ubuntu Linux Kernel, or Linux package, and has dealt with issues ...

Best Practices in a Changing Data Privacy Landscape: Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Privacy Class Action Litigation

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Recorded on: Jan. 24, 2013

IAN BALLON: So our next panel is Best Practices in a Changing Data Privacy Landscape. And just to have to make sure that these experts on best practices in a changing landscape are kept on their toes, we're trying to usher them in a few moments early, pulling them out of their calls or preparation or whatever else they were doing, just to see how nimble they are in dealing with unplanned events. Great. And we've got four experts in this area for ...

Big Data

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Recorded on: Nov. 19, 2013

LORI LESSER: Hi. So for our last panel, we have Mary Ellen Callahan, who is the chair of Jenner & Block's privacy and information governance practice. She has unique and broad experience with interfacing the protection of privacy civil rights and civil liberties with cyber security and national security issues. A nationally recognized privacy attorney with over a decade of outside counsel experience, she has also served as Chief Privacy Officer ...

Big Data in Outsourcing

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Recorded on: Nov. 5, 2013

WILLIAM A. TANENBAUM: We're going to get started. All of you out in the foyer, we invite you to come back. I'm going to start with two public service announcements before I introduce our next speaker on big data. First, at the end of the presentation, in an hour, would you kindly sign out of your iPads. I guess that's a Cloud requirement from PLI. And also, if you will fill out your evaluations today and tomorrow, what John and I would like to do, ...

Biotech and Pharma Licensing in Asia

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Recorded on: Apr. 2, 2013

DANIEL L. REISNER: It's my pleasure to introduce the speakers for our last topic today. Grace Pan is a partner at Kay Scholer in our New York office. She is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law, where she graduated Phi Delta Phi and Iota Sigma Phi. Grace speaks Chinese and Japanese, travels often to Asia, and represents numerous Asian clients with intellectual property and commercial issues. Grace is a member of numerous professional ...

Book Publishing

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Recorded on: Mar. 8, 2013

KENNETH M. KAUFMAN: Thanks very much, Tamara. I just wanted to get a sense of those of you in the audience, how many of you are lawyers this morning? OK. And how many of you devote a significant amount of your practice to entertainment law? And how about book publishing? OK, so there are a number of you. It's good to see so many of you here this morning. This morning, initially, we'll be talking about book publishing, which is an area of major current ...

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