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Ebola and the Workplace -- An Update on Key Issues 2014

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Recorded on: Nov. 11, 2014

Taken from the Web Program Ebola and the Workplace -- An Update on Key Issues recorded November, 2014 in New York. Since the first Ebola patient came to the United States in late September 2014, all employers have been enormously challenged to deal with the many issues that this international emergency has engendered. While the issues have their most immediate and direct effect on health care employees, in fact all employers who require travel or ...

Employment Law Institute 2014

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From the program: Employment Law Institute 2014

Released on: Nov. 4, 2014

This annual event combines a comprehensive review of case law and regulatory developments, an in-depth analysis of emerging issues, and best practices to maximize employment law compliance, mitigate legal risk and achieve business objectives. The faculty is comprised of nationally recognized management and plaintiffs’ attorneys, members of the judiciary, in-house counsel and government agency representatives who share their perspectives, insights ...

HR - Employee and Contractor Issues

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JIM CHARNE: Are we rolling? OK, I'd like to welcome back everyone from our lunch break, both of our attendees in the room and our internet audience. We talked at the beginning of the day about how this program has evolved over the years. And this year, we've added a new segment and invited a new speaker who's joining us for the first time. I'd like you all to meet Alexa Morgan. Alexa is a founder and partner of Fox, Wang & Morgan, who was in ...

HR - Employee and Contractor Issues

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Taken from the Web Program Representing the Games Industry Client 2014 recorded October, 2014 in San Francisco. HR - Employee and Contractor Issues [00:59:20] Staffing a game or software app development project Contractors vs. employees How to determine whether you are hiring a contractor or employee Risks and responsibilities for each Securing ownership of work product; hazards of work for hire grants ...

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Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker ~ Kaplan & Walker LLP

K. Susan Grafton

K. Susan Grafton ~ K&L Gates LLP

Garner K. Weng

Garner K. Weng ~ Hanson Bridgett LLP