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Understanding Employment Law 2016

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From the program: Understanding Employment Law 2016

Released on: Apr. 7, 2016

Whether you are new to the field, seeking a quick refresher, or if your law practice only touches upon employment law issues, this jam-packed employment law primer is designed for you.  An expert faculty will lead you through the major regulations and case law governing the employer/employee relationship and offer practical pointers ranging from hiring to firing and everything in between. In addition, the program will address certain key concepts ...

Ethics and Privacy Implications of Workplace Investigations

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Recorded on: Apr. 4, 2016

JILL ROSENBERG: So I'm actually going to wear two hats now. I'm going to introduce our panel and then be a panelist. And thank you all for staying. The room is quite full for the last hour of ethics credit. We know it's because you all love ethics and are going to be entertained for the next hour, and you get an hour of credit to boot. So let me introduce our panel first. I've obviously introduced myself since I've been here. To my immediate left ...

Interplay Among Leave Laws

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Recorded on: Apr. 4, 2016

JILL ROSENBERG: So we'll move on to our next subject area, which is interplay among leave laws. Earlier, Willis had indicated kind of the area where his head starts to spin. I think leave laws is the one that makes my head spin when I try to figure it all out. And hopefully this panel will unscramble it for us. And we have three real experts in the area. To my immediate left is Aimee Florin, who is Associate General Counsel in the Employment Law ...

Labor Law Nuts and Bolts

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Recorded on: Apr. 4, 2016

WILLIS GOLDSMITH: I think if there's one thing, among the many, that can be taken away from the last presentation is that nothing is intuitive about employment law, at least anymore. Decades ago, people thought that well, I really kind of know the answer to this. It can't be sex discrimination, or it must be sex discrimination. But nothing is intuitive. And if there's is one area of the law, in addition to employment law generally, where nothing is ...

Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims

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Recorded on: Apr. 4, 2016

JILL L. ROSENBERG: We're going to start up again and start with our next topic. Before that I think, Willis, you needed to talk. WILLIS J. GOLDSMITH: Yeah. I just want to make one point. I'm not sure what happened with the slides in connection with the last presentation, but we're going to try to sort that out so that they're either put up online or what have you. Cara says they'll be in the online library. But I commend those to you, as well as ...

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