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Municipal Law Institute 2014 (14th Annual) -- Fracking Regulation and Policy

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From the program: Municipal Law Institute 2014 (14th Annual)

Recorded on: Jul. 30, 2014

Taken from the Web Program Municipal Law Institute 2014 (14th Annual) recorded July, 2014 in New York.Lecture Topics  [01:07:58]Fracking Regulation and Policy  [01:07:58] Understanding fracking Fracking in the context of energy policy The role of local governments in regulating fracking The purchase price of this segment includes the following article from the Course Handbook available online: Crediting Greenhouse Gas Emission ...

Featured Faculty/Authors
Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker ~ Kaplan & Walker LLP

K. Susan Grafton

K. Susan Grafton ~ K&L Gates LLP

Garner K. Weng

Garner K. Weng ~ Hanson Bridgett LLP