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Robert W. Murphy

Robert W. Murphy ~ Law Offices of Robert W. Murphy
Speaking at Representing the Pro Bono Client: Consumer Law Basics 2015 (Free) Practising Law Institute Jul. 24, 2015

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Volunteer lawyers are needed to help the many low income clients facing a wide assortment of consumer ...

Jonathan L. Mechanic

Jonathan L. Mechanic ~ Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
Speaking at Negotiating Real Estate Deals 2015 Practising Law Institute Jun. 4, 2015

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Real estate continues to be a strong investment in 2015 and anyone involved in deal construction must ...


Featured Seminar

Commercial Real Estate Financing 2015

Apr. 20 - 21, 2015

Practising Law Institute - New York, NY

Why you should attend This seminar will revisit the building blocks of commercial real estate financing. It will focus on the steps counsel needs to take to get a deal closed – what lender’s counsel needs to do to deliver a valid mortgage lien without surprises, and what borrower’s counsel needs to do to get the borrower the money it needs. We will look at how lenders review leases; how surveys work and interact with title insu... Read More