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Accountants' Liability (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2016

Accountants’ Liability is a reliable resource that accountants can turn to for guidance on how to meet professional responsibilities, comply with relevant rules, and avoid legal land mines. The book provides accountants and their attorneys with the legal, strategic, and tactical knowledge they need to prove (or successfully defend against) claims such as: Breach of contract Breach of fiduciary duty Negligence Securities ...

Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance (Looseleaf)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: July 2014
Last Updated: June 2017

Money laundering by drug cartels, terrorists, and other criminal groups is a fast-growing problem. Technologies including online payment systems, virtual currency, and stored value cards have joined well-established methods of laundering the proceeds of criminal activity.     Laundered proceeds provide economic fuel for terrorist activities and violent conflicts across the globe, and fund other criminal activity. Moreover, ...

A Starter Guide to Doing Business in the United States

Treatise  Treatise

Published: July 2016

A Starter Guide to Doing Business in the United States is a helpful resource for non-U.S. businesses, foreign attorneys, law firm associates and new entrepreneurs launching a new business in the United States. Edited by Woon-Wah Siu (Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP), this book covers the main legal and regulatory issues to be considered before entering the U.S. market, including: Choice of a business entity—describing the requirements ...

Bankruptcy Deskbook (5th Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: May 2014
Last Updated: April 2017

Bankruptcy Deskbook, Fifth Edition, provides you with practical guidance to help clients achieve fair remedies and to ensure you avoid legal problems along the way. Among the topics covered in Bankruptcy Deskbook are: Major demands on Chapter 7 debtors — including means testing, discharge restrictions, and debtor education and credit counseling rules Tough rules for Chapter 11 small business debtors — in such areas as filing, ...

Broker-Dealer Regulation (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2011
Last Updated: June 2017

Updated to ensure coverage of the latest laws and regulations governing broker-dealers, the second edition of Broker-Dealer Regulation provides comprehensive and practical overview of the many requirements of this highly regulated area. This two-volume work instructs on how brokerage firms can satisfy SEC/SRO standards, with detailed coverage of: Registration reporting and record-keeping rules Suitability and best execution standards  ...

Conducting Due Diligence in a Securities Offering

Treatise  Treatise

Published: April 2009
Last Updated: August 2013

Conducting Due Diligence in a Securities Offering provides you with clear, step-by-step legal and procedural information that helps attorneys conduct thorough investigations of a company’s records and executives prior to an acquisition — and reduce the potential for legal problems down the road. Featuring case histories that illustrate proper due diligence techniques, this practical guide instructs on gathering necessary information under ...

Corporate Legal Departments: Practicing Law in a Corporation (4th Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2011
Last Updated: May 2017

Corporate Legal Departments: Practicing Law in a Corporation is an invaluable resource for in-house attorneys, providing guidance on how to: Detect and prevent internal legal problems Contribute to the development of corporate business plans and pursuit of new business opportunities Make the corporate legal department more productive at less cost Maximize the value of digital technologies Use cost-effective litigation ...

Corporate Political Activities Deskbook

Treatise  Treatise

Published: July 2017

Corporate Political Activities Deskbook provides a thorough grounding in the current state of the law on federal and state campaign finance, pay-to-play, lobbying, and gift compliance. It serves as a practical manual for in-house attorneys who advise corporations about involvement in the political process. After describing the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions in Citizens United—that began the expansion of permitted corporate ...

Corporate Whistleblowing in the Sarbanes-Oxley/Dodd-Frank Era (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: September 2011
Last Updated: September 2016

Corporate Whistleblowing in the Sarbanes-Oxley/Dodd-Frank Era helps you to understand the current legal and regulatory landscapes, and gives you practical advice on how to minimize the risk and damage of whistleblower complaints against employers and conduct effective internal investigations. Written by leading  practitioners who have successfully advised and defended many companies in Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank whistleblower actions and covering ...

Covered Bonds Handbook

Treatise  Treatise

Published: August 2010
Last Updated: August 2014

With the possibility of new legislation coming that would create a statutory framework for covered bonds in the U.S., Covered Bonds Handbook arrives at an ideal time for you, as it: Shows how covered bonds have been prominent financing tools in Europe for centuries. Shows the many benefits of covered bonds, including potential advantages over securitization and comparative funding costs. Explains how covered bond transactions are ...

Cybersecurity: A Practical Guide to the Law of Cyber Risk

Treatise  Treatise

Published: August 2015
Last Updated: October 2016

Cybersecurity: A Practical Guide to the Law of Cyber Risk, authored by 20 experts in the field, provides the practical steps that can be taken to help your clients understand and mitigate today’s cyber risk and to build the most resilient response capabilities possible. The book provides a comprehensive discussion of the complex quilt of federal and state statutes, Executive Orders, regulations, contractual norms, and ambiguous tort duties ...

Derivatives Deskbook: Close-Out Netting, Risk Mitigation, Litigation (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: April 2014
Last Updated: June 2016

Derivatives Deskbook: Close-Out Netting, Risk Mitigation, Litigation is a comprehensive resource for all users of swap agreements and derivatives, from financial institutions to corporate end-users. This treatise: defines the key terminology and identifies the major players, discusses the full range of required documentation, highlights best practices for the legal risk management of derivatives, and includes numerous practice-tested ...

Deskbook on Internal Investigations, Corporate Compliance and White Collar Issues (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2016
Last Updated: June 2017

Deskbook on Internal Investigations, Corporate Compliance and White Collar Issues provides practical guidance on how to carry out internal investigations to identify and remediate legal problems, protect the rights of employees when they’re subject to investigation or prosecution, and cooperate with government investigators in ways that help reduce legal and financial damage if wrongdoing is proved. The Deskbook provides step-by-step instruction, ...

Directors' and Officers' Liability: Current Law, Recent Developments, Emerging Issues (3rd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2016

The third edition of Directors’ and Officers’ Liability provides an up-to-date, straightforward explanation of the obligations of directors and officers of public companies, the penalties that they face if they fail to meet their obligations, and the protections that are offered them under the law or by agreement. Authors Barry Kaplan and Gregory Watts (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati) guide readers through the sources of law governing ...

Doing Business Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2013
Last Updated: October 2016

Doing business overseas means learning new ways of negotiating. It also means understanding when an accepted and even expected “gift” to the other party will be considered a bribe under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The second edition of Doing Business Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act provides vital legal and procedural information that helps corporations and attorneys: Develop internal compliance programs ...

Drafting for Corporate Finance: Concepts, Deals and Documents (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2014

Drafting for Corporate Finance offers the legal, financial, business, accounting, and drafting information that lawyers must understand in preparing corporate finance documentation, especially as it relates to debt. It covers all the components of effective contract drafting, including: basic structural issues, conditions precedent, representations, warranties and defaults contract structure, housekeeping, insurance information, general business ...

Employment Law Yearbook 2017

Treatise  Treatise

Published: June 2017

The 2017 edition of Employment Law Yearbook covers the most important issues facing today’s employers and employment law practitioners. In this tight employment market and amid the rapidly changing global economy, it is imperative that employers and employment law practitioners understand the legal implications of a wide range of workplace actions. Authored by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP’s Employment Law Practice Group, a nationally ...

Equipment Leasing-Leveraged Leasing (5th Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2010
Last Updated: September 2017

Hailed as “authoritative” by the Tax Executive, Equipment Leasing–Leveraged Leasing provides readers with the comprehensive legal, tax, economic, accounting, environmental, and insurance information and advice needed to develop and implement leasing deals that maximize rewards and minimize risks. Written by more than thirty leading leasing authorities, and featuring hundreds of pages of sample forms, checklists, and documents that ...

Exempt and Hybrid Securities Offerings (3rd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Scheduled Release Date: September 2017

This book provides comprehensive guidance on how to structure exempt and hybrid securities offerings.  Packed with checklists, transactional timelines, SEC guidance, and a wealth of labor-saving sample documents, the third edition of Exempt and Hybrid Securities Offerings offers the relative advantages and drawbacks of the most commonly used forms of exempt and hybrid offerings. It clearly explains: the mechanics of conducting venture ...

Fashion Law and Business: Brands & Retailers

Treatise  Treatise

Published: September 2013

To the general public, the fashion industry is most closely identified with celebrated fashion houses mounting elaborate and highly publicized runway shows in the major fashion capitals of the world. In reality, the fashion industry is much more diverse, complex, and global. Fashion Law and Business unravels the complexity and provides clear guidance on the wide range of legal and business issues faced by fashion industry participants, including designers, ...

FDA Deskbook: A Compliance and Enforcement Guide

Treatise  Treatise

Published: May 2016

FDA Deskbook: A Compliance and Enforcement Guide provides a comprehensive description of the complexities of compliance under The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDC Act) and practical suggestions on how FDA-regulated entities can avoid being the subject of an enforcement action by the federal government. It explains the legal framework created by the FDC Act and subsequent statutes, regulations, guidance and policies governing the food and ...

Financial Product Fundamentals: Law, Business, Compliance (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2012
Last Updated: July 2017

Financial Product Fundamentals is a comprehensive reference on the regulations, benefits, advantages, pricing, distribution, marketing, and current and future viability of registered offerings. It includes expert analysis of private placements, mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds, real estate investment trusts, international investment funds, variable insurance products, and other instruments. Now in a second edition, ...

Financial Services Regulation Deskbook

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2012
Last Updated: March 2017

Financial Services Regulation Deskbook covers the significant changes made to the regulation of financial services institutions by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and subsequent implementing regulations. It is organized by subject matter and provides commentary on the practical effects of the legislation on industry practice, including identifying areas of legal ambiguity that must be solved only by advocacy with the ...

Friedman on Leases (6th Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: February 2017
Last Updated: August 2017

Friedman on Leases clarifies and analyzes the full range of lease provisions and conceivable landlord-tenant situations to give you unsurpassed practical instruction on how to negotiate and draft airtight agreements that protect your clients’ rights and minimize their liability exposure. Friedman on Leases includes numerous case decisions with commentary and valuable sample lease clauses and agreements that help practitioners to: Draft, ...

Global Business Fraud and the Law: Preventing and Remedying Fraud and Corruption

Treatise  Treatise

Published: May 2015
Last Updated: August 2017

Global Business Fraud and the Law: Preventing and Remedying Fraud and Corruption is a nuts and bolts guide to preventing business fraud and corruption, and remedying unlawful behavior should it occur. Whether running a company that operates across international borders or providing legal counsel to such a company, this book provides invaluable guidance from expert practitioners from around the globe. The authors are seasoned and experienced white ...

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