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10b5-1 Trading Plans and Insider Trading Under the Spotlight: Key Issues Companies and Executives Must Consider 2013 (Audio-only)

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Recorded on: Feb. 7, 2013

AMY: It is now my pleasure to turn this briefing over to John Tuttle. JONATHAN TUTTLE: Hello all and welcome and thanks for joining on the call today. What Matt and I are going to talk about really had its most recent origin in some newspaper articles that Matt will discuss later talking about 10b5-1 trading plans and bringing those plans kind of back to the forefront of both the enforcement and the corporate issuer context. I think what we're going ...

Daubert - The Practice

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Recorded on: Sep. 24, 2013

NATHAN A. SCHACHTMAN: I could start my narrative with Lord Mansfield in England, in one of the first decisions on expert witnesses, but I'll bring my narrative, for the sake of time, up to the case that involved James Frye who tried to beat a murder rap by using William Marston's blood pressure detection machine, a very early version of the lie detector test. The trial court excluded the blood pressure detection test. And the DC Circuit affirmed ...

Sierra Club v. EPA: Clean Air Act Permitting Becomes Even More Complicated and Onerous 2013

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Released on: May. 21, 2013

Taken from the briefing Sierra Club v. EPA: Clean Air Act Permitting Becomes Even More Complicated and Onerous recorded May, 2013.On January 22, 2013, the court in Sierra Club v. EPA, No. 10-1413 (D.C. Cir. Jan. 22, 2013) issued a decision with far reaching implications for sources seeking a Clean Air Act permit under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) program. The decision addressed two screening tools – Significant Impact Levels (SILs) ...

ADA and Mental Disorders: Employee Threats and Violence, Employer Assessments and Accommodations

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Recorded on: Oct. 28, 2013

ZACHARY FASMAN: Well, good morning everyone. Welcome back. Hope you had a good night last night. I see a bunch of empty seats here. Those are the people who really got a good night, I guess. They'll wander in, one way or another. A couple of housekeeping announcements. After this session, which is going to be for-- I better check this. I was messing this up yesterday-- for an hour. We will not break. We will go immediately to litigating employment ...

Addressing Disputes Over Stockholder Meetings

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Recorded on: Jul. 11, 2013

A. THOMPSON BAYLISS: So name that judge who said the following, "I'm just going to confess out loud that I have reached the point in my career of what I will call 'disclosure fatigue.' That is the struggle that the court goes through to try to figure out what information, about a target's financial advisor's analysis, needs to be disclosed to stockholders." Well everybody's voting. I'll just ask the panel, who here suffers from disclosure ...

Advanced Deposition Tools, Skills and Challenges for the Modern Age

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Recorded on: Jan. 29, 2013

SUSAN DICICCO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Susan DiCicco, and with me today is Rich Marooney and Todd Marcus. Let me briefly introduce them. Rich Marooney, on my far right, is a partner in King & Spalding's Business Litigation group here in New York. He specializes in complex litigation in the financial services and energy industries. And he's head of the firm's financial services practice. And he's tried numerous cases in federal and New York ...

Agency's Review of the Decision; Federal Court Review in Social Security Cases

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Recorded on: Mar. 27, 2013

ANNE CALLAGY: My name is Anne Callagy, and I'm going to be talking about the Appeals Council review of ALJ decisions. I think, at the moment, we have the wrong PowerPoint up on the screen. I think we have jumped to Part 3. KYLA L. RATLIFF: All right. ANNE CALLAGY: There we go. So, you know, we're going in order of the administrative process. So Kyla has just gone through the initial application through the ALJ hearing. And then you get a decision ...

Annual Update of In-house Counsel's Guide to E-discovery: Everything You Need to Know

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Recorded on: Oct. 1, 2013

GARY A. ADLER: Good afternoon and welcome back. Our next panel is an annual update of in house counsel's guide to e-discovery. Everything you need to know. And we have here the two people who can actually tell you everything you need to know, John Rosenthal and Steve Bennett. John is a litigation partner in Winston & Strawn's Washington DC office who represents clients across the globe in complex antitrust and litigation matters. John is chair ...

Approaching Veterans Issues: A Legal Overview Including an Update of California Penal Code Section 1170.9

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From the program: Approaching Veterans Issues: A Legal Overview Including an Update of California Penal Code Section 1170.9

Released on: Jun. 7, 2013

Certain laws and courtroom practices have the potential to impact veterans differently than the rest of the population. This three hour overview will provide useful information to attorneys, judicial officers and others who interact with veterans about the implications of certain laws and practices with regards to veterans’ pasts and futures. The program will focus on Penal Code 1170.9, especially with regard to the 2013 enhancements and will address ...

A Primer on Automobile Fraud

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Recorded on: Jul. 29, 2013

ROBERT W. MURPHY: Hi, Bob Murphy again. And my presentation wrapping up today's seminar is on helping clients avoid getting run over. It's a primer on auto law. Before I get started, I have a little disclaimer. And I just put there because if I say something that's a little bit off-color with respect to a case, or perhaps with respect-- I don't say anything bad about the judge-- just remember it's with respect to me sometimes trying to be funny. ...

Asset Based Financing Strategies 2013 -- Bankruptcy -- Hot Issues for Secured Creditors

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From the program: Asset Based Financing Strategies 2013

Recorded on: Mar. 18, 2013

Taken from the Web Program Asset Based Financing Strategies 2013 recorded March, 2013 in New York. Lecture Topics  [01:01:22] Bankruptcy -- Hot Issues for Secured Creditors  [01:01:22] Automatic stay Post-petition interest and attorneys’ fees Executory contracts Post-petition financing Bankruptcy trustee avoiding powers Credit bidding “Cram down” and “cram up” ...

Asylum and Related Relief

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Recorded on: Mar. 15, 2013

CYRUS D. MEHTA: OK, so we'll get moving with the next panel. We spoke about how people get into removal and deportation proceedings. This panel will generally speak about how people can seek relief from removal and deportation. And just relief in general, because asylum can be sought even administratively outside the removal context. So we do have a great panel. And it's going to be a long panel-- 1 hour, 15 minutes. Each speaker will have 25 minutes ...

Attorneys and Social Media

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Recorded on: Mar. 19, 2013

RICHARD RAYSMAN: OK, we're back. And we're back online, as well. Our next topic is attorneys and social media. And there are just two speakers-- myself and Ignatius Grande, who is to my right, your left, who's a senior e-discovery attorney and director of the practice support at Hughes Hubbard & Reed. In his role, at Hughes Hubbard, Ignatius develops and implements strategies to ensure that the firm's clients receive the highest quality of litigation ...

Bankruptcy -- Hot Issues for Secured Creditors

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Recorded on: Mar. 18, 2013

EDWIN SMITH: It's very important that you do the evaluations. We look at those every year to try to determine who to keep on the panel and who to throw off. I'd now like to introduce, as my colleague on this session, June Basden, from Carruthers & Roth in Greensboro. JUNE BASDEN: And that's Greensboro, North Carolina. EDWIN SMITH: There we go. Right. And so we're here to talk about bankruptcy related issues for asset-based lenders. We're going ...

Best Practices in a Changing Data Privacy Landscape: Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Privacy Class Action Litigation

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Recorded on: Jan. 24, 2013

IAN BALLON: So our next panel is Best Practices in a Changing Data Privacy Landscape. And just to have to make sure that these experts on best practices in a changing landscape are kept on their toes, we're trying to usher them in a few moments early, pulling them out of their calls or preparation or whatever else they were doing, just to see how nimble they are in dealing with unplanned events. Great. And we've got four experts in this area for ...

Business and Property Interests

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Recorded on: Jul. 31, 2013

DEAN ERWIN CHEMERINSKY: Our last hour focus on business and property interest, of course, that overlaps with what we were just talking about in terms of business liability under Title VII. Marty, you had some points that you wanted to make before we had to take our break. PROFESSOR MARTIN A. SCHWARTZ: Well, the two decisions in the Title VII cases that Ted was talking about, these are the type of decisions that to me drive me to poetry. Because-- PROFESSOR ...

California Trial Evidence 2013 -- Overcoming Obstacles to Admissibility

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From the program: California Trial Evidence 2013

Recorded on: Oct. 22, 2013

Taken from the Web Program California Trial Evidence 2013 recorded October, 2013 in San Francisco.Lecture Topics  [00:58:25]Overcoming Obstacles to Admissibility  [00:58:25] Laying the Foundation Hot Topics in Hearsay Ruling the Relevance Roost Short Cuts to Authentication Doctrine of Chances and Prior Bad Acts The purchase price of this segment includes the following article from the Course Handbook available online: Overcoming ...

Case Study: Investigations of Libor and Benchmark Interest Rates

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Recorded on: Oct. 9, 2013

STEVEN R. PEIKIN: OK, home stretch here, and we're going to start back up now with our final panel on LIBOR and other benchmark interest rates. And let me begin by making an observation that you've probably made, which is none of us look like Gretchen Lowe from the CFTC. And so as a result of the government shutdown, our friends from Washington were unable to make the visit. So we're missing Gretchen Lowe, and we're missing Dan Braun from the Fraud ...

Class Action Litigation 2013 -- Ethics in Class Action Litigation

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From the program: Class Action Litigation 2013

Recorded on: Jul. 11, 2013

Taken from the Web Program Class Action Litigation 2013 recorded July, 2013 in New York.Lecture Topics  [01:01:59]Ethics in Class Action Litigation  [01:01:59] What issues are judges seeing in class action cases? How have class certification issues changed litigation? The Supreme Court has ruled recently on several class action issues – what messages are being sent and how are district court judges interpreting them? Waiver of ...

Class Certification and Settlement

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Recorded on: Jan. 24, 2013

IAN BALLON: OK. Why don't we get started. Our next panel is on Class Certification Issues. And we have as our speaker, my colleague Rob Harrington, who's a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig in the Los Angeles office. He also was the Chair of our firm's Product Liability and Mass Tort practice. He's successfully defended more than 75 class action cases in his career. He's also author of the bestselling book, Verdict for the Defense, which provides ...

Closing Business Transactions

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Recorded on: Jun. 5, 2013

RAJ TANDEN: All right. So we're going to get started here. We're on to our last panel, which is Closing Business Transactions. We have Andrew Wiederhorn, who is the CEO of Fatburger. Previously, Andy founded and served as the CEO of Wilshire Credit Corporation, and by the age of 32 amassed a fortune estimated to be worth $140 million. From there, he founded Fogcutter Capital Group, which invested in a diverse range of equity, corporate, debt, and ...

Commencement of a Civil Action: Filing the Complaint, Preparing the Motion to Dismiss, Coordinating Multiple Actions

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Recorded on: May. 1, 2013

JONATHAN K. YOUNGWOOD: So most of these things don't begin and end with the discovery of the press release, or the press story with the regulatory investigation. Any company that's experienced what this company just experienced is, without fail, going to face civil litigation, as well. And the rest of the day is really largely going to focus on that, although, keeping in the back of our minds that there's an ongoing regulatory investigation. And ...

Complex Real Estate Issues: Arbitration vs. Litigation

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Recorded on: Nov. 12, 2013

JOHN B. WOOD: The next panel-- he's just going to take the time out of the next section anyway, so, we know, Michael. We're moving into something that I think is really exciting. MICHAEL E. MEYER: That you love me? JOHN B. WOOD: Absolutely. And you're on this panel too, so I mean, I'm stuck with loving you. [LAUGHTER] JOHN B. WOOD: And it's a good love, it's a hard love. We're moving into the realm of all the things you've seen, all the things ...

Criminal Procedure

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Recorded on: Jul. 31, 2013

DEAN ERWIN CHEMERINSKY: Good afternoon. We begin now with the criminal cases in the term focus, especially on criminal procedure. Joining us for this and the afternoon is Sherry Colb. One of the greatest joys of being a law professor is watching the tremendous success of my students. And Sherry has overcome the obstacle of being my student, in Federal Courts. Sherry is a Professor of Law and the Charles Evans Hughes Scholar at Cornell Law School. ...

Cross-Border Assignments & Employment Agreements

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Recorded on: Jun. 11, 2013

JOHAN LUBBE: Thank you, Phil. Good morning, everyone. Our task as the first panel is to address cross-border assignments and employment agreements. I am equally very pleased and honored to have a number of very well-known international employment lawyers on the panel. They are all greatly appreciated and recognized in their jurisdictions as employment lawyers who focus on cross-border issues. I'm going to be introduced them very briefly but invite ...

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